The Mission

Grower’s Gear™ prides itself on providing consumers with a superior line of textile garden supplies at affordable prices, all sourced and made in the USA. Formerly AGPots, Grower’s Gear™ has been producing better quality products such as containers, beds and liners since 2013, all with your specific growing needs in mind. Whether you are seeking the perfect way to grow at home or innovative solutions to master large-scale operations, Grower’s Gear™ has what you need!

The Grower’s Gear™ Difference

The Grower’s Gear™ signature product is a fabric aeration container. While this style of container has been around for more than 30 years, Grower’s Gear™ has taken the concept to the highest level of performance and customization.

The Construction

Like Grower’s Gear™ beliefs, containers are homegrown and strong. These hand sewn, fabric containers will ensure growing perfection. The BPA-free, non-toxic fabric is safe for all types of growing and preferable to materials such as plastic pots and wood raised beds, which will rot if not treated and can contain harmful chemicals if treated. The durability of these containers makes them reusable season after season. With the multitude of existing designs and sizes along with the customizable ordering available, the perfect fit for your needs is within reach.

The Function

Grower’s Gear™ containers are light, portable and easy to set up. They are the perfect alternative to plastic containers, as they benefit what’s growing through air pruning, improved aeration, drainage that keeps the soil moist but not saturated and controlling temperature through evaporative cooling. The end result is healthy root systems that produce healthier plants.