Our Roots

Homegrown & Strong

As a single mom, Jana Bailey was in search of a way to provide for her family while being able to be there to raise them into strong, well rounded individuals. Her background working for a sewing machine company led to wholesaling textiles for casinos. In branching out, she created All Gear Productions™, where she specialized in hand sewing heavy duty textiles. With the growing need for this quality in the agriculture and gardening industry, she created All Gear Pots (AGPots), now known as Grower’s Gear™.

Letter from the Founder

Jana Bailey

More than 25 years ago I was able to start a little household business called All Gear Productions™. As a single mom I learned early on that I was going to have to supplement my income in a way that allowed me to stay at home for cuddling, homework, meal prep and plain old keeping them safe, warm and out of trouble.

I began sewing at the age of 14 so I could have the clothes I wanted without paying full price. I learned by experience that I could recreate pretty much anything I wanted with piping, pleats and tucks. I even purchased labels from big name manufacturers to sew on my version of their jeans and no one could tell the difference. Soon I was making wedding dresses and home decor for my friends and turning a tidy profit. Through word of mouth, a wholesaler in Reno, Nevada, contacted me to make change aprons for the casinos. I got my wholesalers license through the state of California and I was off.

All Gear Productions™ has taught me a ton about life as well as business. All Gear Productions™ has dabbled in many different markets but was always focused on products that were easy to sew, made with heavy duty components and allowed their end users to do their job more safely, affordably or with a better end product. At the same time, they were also easy to teach someone else to create, because I knew that eventually I wanted to bring jobs to my community while allowing me to grow the business.

Since 2013, the focus came solidly on agriculture. We began to produce fabric aeration pots and slowly added employees, equipment and space. Through word of mouth All Gear Productions™ has blossomed into a place where you can find products you know are made with great intention and quality components.

Thank you so much to all the farmers and growers who have taken the time to tell me what they want, trust me with their ideas and spread the word that we were in business to make your life easier. We are growing into the vision I have had for so long... homegrown and strong.

Jana Bailey
President & Founder