Grower’s Gear™ is proud to work with and recognize outstanding organizations and believes in sharing these superior finds with its customers. On this partners list, you’ll discover companies and products across several markets, not just in the gardening sector. Learn a little about the current partners of Grower’s Gear™ below, and be sure to check out their websites for more information about specific products and services.

All Gear Productions™

All Gear Productions™ is the sister company of Grower’s Gear™. You’ll find the same quality of hand sewn craftsmanship, attention to detail and durability in a variety of non-gardening related products from large covers to specialty items for servicemen. Just as with Grower’s Gear™, customized orders are available to fit your specifications.

Spiked Soil™

Spiked Soil™ logo

Treat your plants to the ultimate organic plant cocktail with Spiked Soil™. Made of the finest organic ingredients in the industry, these concoctions are the perfect recipe for growing strong, healthy plants. Use the Spiked Soil™ Dirt Martini soil with your favorite Grower's Gear™ container for simply successful gardening!

Tree Nutri™

Tree Nutri™ logo

Tree Nutri™ fertilizers are perfect for treating existing trees and planting new trees, shrubs, grass and flowers. Products can improve plant health and appearance and promote drought tolerance. Pair the Tree Nutri™ Beginnings fertilizer with your favorite standard soil in a Grower's Gear™ container for a winning combination.

Interested in making it onto the Grower’s Gear™ partners list? Reach out via the contact page with your company information and why you and Grower’s Gear™ would make a great team!